It doesn’t matter whether you’re small or large, pear-shape vs apple shape, there is always a pair of jeans that will make you look and feel your best. Because you know what? While you can look gorgeous in the right LBD, there is nothing that can make you feel sexier than the right pair of jeans.

There are a few tips you can use to instantly look thinner in almost any pair of jeans

  • Wear a heel with jeans that graze the floor to give you a lengthier look, which in turn, will make you appear ten pounds lighter instantly.
  • Buy jeans that fit – buying too small of a size will only makes you look larger when it bulges out in the areas you’d like to hide the most. If anything, size up.
  • Bootcut is universally flattering. I have never seen any shape or any size woman look terrible in the right size pair of bootcut jeans.

Jeans for Your Body Type

Now that I’ve gone over a few instant slimming tips, let’s get on to buying the right style of jeans for you:

Hourglass Shape

If your hips and bust measure about the same with your waist being noticeably smaller than both, then have the perfect figure – congratulations, you are envied by most women! But seriously, all kidding aside, the great news is that you can get away with wearing almost any kind of jeans, but here are a few tips regardless:

  • Bootcut jeans are universally flattering. They make your curvy body look even sexier. Just make sure to find a pair that snugs you nicely in the waist – you don’t want any gapping.
  • Flare jeans or wide-leg jeans are also a great option for you.
  • Slim cut or tapered jeans flatter the hips if you’re more slender, but if you have excess fat in your hips, avoid this style.
  • The curvier you are, the higher the back of the jeans should be cut to ensure the jeans fit over your seat and keep you covered when you’re sitting. Say no to plumber’s cracks 🙂


  • Flare leg jeans. The widening of the leg below the knee really helps balance your hips and draws your eye down. They tell you to look for mid-rise versions, but when I was heavier, I always liked what low-rise (not super low-rise though!) did for my figure.
  • Avoid light washes or fading on the thigh area – this only makes your thighs look bigger and draws your attention to the area you’re probably trying to hide the most.
  • Bootcut jeans are always one of my favorites, because they widen slightly below the knee while keeping your hip area streamlined to even out larger hips. Look for versions with a little spandex in them for a truly comfy pair!

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