How to find the best pair of plus size jeans for your unique shape!

While most of us have yet to lay our hands on a pair of denims that does justice to our shape, the great news is that finding the perfect fit really is just a matter of understanding your body type. Alia Motani, creative director and professional image consultant at BLU, shares some practical advice on how to solve the denim dilemma and find the perfect pair of plus size jeans, once and for all.

The boot cut

This denim style may have fallen out of favour since the arrival of its straight-leg and skinny-cut counterparts, but the slight taper of a good pair of boot-cut jeans is still a curvy girl’s best friend — making them a great choice for plus size jeans, says Alia.

“The classic mid-rise boot-cut style balances out the silhouettes of full-figured women whose main concern tends to be the leg and hip area,” she says. “It also prevents that dreaded muffin top from spilling over at the waist.”

For taller women with petite frames and straight or boyish figures, the boot-cut can also work for you, as the high waist gives the illusion of a more substantial bum.


Denim leggings, or ‘jeggings’ as the kids today calling them, are a great addition to virtually any wardrobe. The elasticity of jeggings and no pockets results in a slimmer silhouette, smoothing and cinching in the bumpy bits while accentuating curves.

If you’re plus size, make this style work for you by choosing a darker denim wash paired with a long-length top if you’re trying to camouflage a larger tummy area and hips. For more linear body shapes or apple shapes, Alia suggests layering a leather jacket over a long-length top to create the illusion of curves.

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