Explore Bolivia: An Offbeat Destination That Is Worth Exploring by Every Travel Enthusiast

Bolivia is one of the places that have been lost from the traveling world due to its geographical location. Tourists who visit this country can expect something unique with intense culture, ancient history, and awesome geography. Irrespective of when you are visiting, you must not miss out some important places like La Paz Bolivia, the administrative capital of the country. This offbeat destination is certainly worth exploring by every travel enthusiast.

Land of Geographical Wonders

Bolivia has all the geographical marvels except the sea coast. It houses Altiplano – a high altitude desert, Lake Titicaca, Sud Lipez as well as national parks within its border. It has the world’s longest mountain ranges in the Andes with everything from granite wall to volcanoes to glaciers. Bolivia can be referred to as one of the real wilderness parks, which includes the tropical Yungas region as well as scrub forest and grasslands that harbor a huge variety of animals. In addition, this country also has a rich variety of flora and fauna.

Bolivia has amazing landscapes unlike any other place on earth. A visit to Salar de Uyuni and Altiplano is a breathtakingly beautiful experience that you cannot forget in your lifetime. It is a place that satisfies traveler’s desire for a lifetime experience.

Potosi, which is a famous mining town, gives the tourists a chance to blow up dynamite during their visit. This visit to the mines is to demonstrate the various conditions faced by miners apart from safety.

If you are concerned about your accommodation while exploring these many places, you don’t have to worry as there are plenty of vacation homes, hotels and resorts spread across the country, where you can check into.

Great Destination for Adventures

Bolivia is one of the top adventure destinations around South America. The Bolivian adventure guides you through the most startling scenery as well as some of the richest cultures of South America. The mountains are very popular among climbers and are suited for only for the experienced. For mountain biking, make sure your bicycle is in good condition with well-maintained brakes and wear helmets.

Amazing Culture and Friendly Locals

Bolivia, which has a long history, follows ageless customs even today. Few of the ancient cultures like Quechua, Guarani, and many more have left evidence over the tropics and highlands. The people here are very friendly, but you won’t be able to see a lot of tourist crowd when compared to other destinations, which is why we call it an offbeat destination that is still under the radar.  

Best Time to Visit

Bolivia encounters weather that is too challenging with temperatures that go freezing cold at night and sweltering hot during the daytime. It has a dry season from May to October and wet season from November to April. The best time to visit Bolivia is between July and October.

If you are planning to travel under some guidance, make sure to pick a good tourist guide from a reputed tour company.

Despite housing various attractions, Bolivia is one of the least explored places of South America. But, those who can make their way to this country will find it to be one of the safest and least expensive destinations for travelers. So, plan your travel and explore Bolivia to experience the wonderful culture and magnificent sceneries.

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