Best Jeans for Athletic Bodies

Rule number one of looking great in clothes is finding the right fit for your body. But if you’re not model skinny or sample size, the fashion industry can sometimes seemed stacked against you—especially when it comes to jeans. Turns out, women aren’t the only ones frustrated by ill-fitting denim. So how do stylish guys with dad bods or a body builder physique find great-fitting jeans? The answer used to be buy your jeans a size or two up and then go see a tailor. But these days more denim brands are making jeans specifically cut to fit a wide range of body types, including Crossfit-level quads and glutes. That means you can say goodbye to waist gap and save money at the tailor. We spoke to three brands at the forefront of the “athletic fit” revolution about great fit, swole bods, and the changing denim landscape.

The Cut: Bonobos Athletic Fit Jeans

Bonobos was built on the idea of better fitting pants for everyone—including guys who aren’t waif male model skinny. But that doesn’t mean they found the magic formula on their first try. As with any industry, fashion evolves when customers voice their opinions often enough and loud enough. Bonobos created their athletic fit in response to customer demand for jeans with a tapered leg but a little more room in the butt and thighs.

The Cut: Barbell Apparel Athletic Fit Denim

For anyone who had to wear husky-fit clothing as a kid, the “athletic” moniker can seem like just another euphemism for chubby. And sure, if you’ve bulked up from too many nights of wings and not-so-light beers, athletic fit denim could totally be your jam. But the founders behind Barbell Apparel take their athletic fit pretty damn seriously. Mostly because they’re athletes themselves with a lifetime of frustration surrounding the way their pants fit.

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